How Dr.Karl Lee Founded Adaptive Tennis US


Dr. Karl Lee graduated from Tufts Dental School in 1982 and he thought he would be a dentist for the rest of his life. After some time, Karl realized that life brings many turns to the long road of living. One of his patients came into his office wearing a shirt that said “Gerry Hattricks” and Karl asked him what the meaning of this term was. “It’s a hockey group organized to allow disabled veterans a chance to play hockey”, the patient replied.  Karl was such an avid tennis player and fan, he wondered if there was such a group for tennis. Karl was unable to find similar organizations. For this reason, Karl created an organization to help veterans learn the sport he loves so much!

As the Wounded Warrior Tennis group continued to operate, Karl realized that there many more people who would benefit from these services.  This includes people who had a developmental disability or those who suffered from traumatic accidents, people of different cultures, and those who do not have use of one or more of their sensory tools.  The platform of tennis can be a great tool for allowing others to discover the potential within themselves, build self-confidence and motivation. It is for these reasons Adaptive Tennis US was born.

Adaptive Tennis Pro Karl Lee

About Adaptive Tennis

Adaptive Tennis US is located in Gaithersburg, MD. Our tennis clinics take place at 2 locations. The First location is the Quince Orchard Swim and Tennis Club. The address is: 166601 Roundabout Drive, Gaithersburg, MD 20878. 

The second location is the Kentlands Tennis courts. The Kentlands Tennis courts are located at  485 Tsciffley. Square Road, Gaithersburg, MD 20878.

Clinics are free for participants and take place Mondays from 10 am-12 pm. We offer the use of equipment, court time, tennis training, and adjunctive physical training. Come on out and learn more About Adaptive Tennis and make new connections!

Dr.Karl Lee Certifications

Dr.Karl Lee has been an avid tennis player for years and is passionate about the sport of tennis.  More importantly, Dr. Lee’s certifications include:

Why Support Us?

The contributions donated to Adaptive Tennis US help to support and sustain the tennis training programs. With your support, we are able to cover fees that include purchasing court time, equipment and tennis instruction. We engage the participants in a positive social environment, reaffirming their sense of confidence and self worth.

Why Do We Exist?

Mental health issues are prevalent amongst those who feel isolated, which can lead to severe depression and suicide. For this reason, Adaptive Tennis US strives to utilize the game of tennis to help those who feel disenfranchised to gain a sense of belonging.  The clinics also help develop the confidence within themselves to better reintegrate within society.  

What We Do

Firstly, we teach the game of tennis from the incipient novice to the advanced player.  Secondly, we trea each participant as an individual with specific adaptive requirements. Thirdly, we use a program that involves a warm up segment, stroke mechanics, and game play; all involving positive reinforcement. 

How We Make A Difference

As our participants engage in the game of tennis and become more capable, they learn that no challenge is insurmountable.  It is with this knowledge and experiences that they find ways that work for them. Hence, the lessons learned on the court, translate well into the greater aspect of public life, where everyday challenges may seem daunting.

How Our Work Is Different From Other, Similar Charities

The Adaptive Tennis US organization is led by Dr. Karl Lee who holds the following certifications:
– Certified USPTA Tennis Pro (2006).
– Personal trainer through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (2018).
– Tennis Performance specialist (ITPA) – Teaching tennis from a biomechanics basis (2018).
– Corrective Exercise Specialist, through the National Association of Sports Medicine (2020).

What We Have Accomplished

Adaptive Tennis US has worked closely with the Warrior In Transition Brigade.  This is part of their physical activity program to reintegrate military personnel into civilian life. Above all, many of these veteran soldiers have benefited from the program with a renewed sense of confidence and belonging. 

How You Can Be Sure That We Will Use Your Donations Wisely

The donations received from the public will serve to engage adaptive individuals who may suffer physically, emotionally, cognitively, socially or developmentally. Furthermore, we do not discriminate and welcome all of our players with open arms. On the AdaptiveTennisUS.com website, we publish the coverage of our players and show their accomplishments.

Mission Statement - About Adaptive Tennis

Everyone Matters!

Making the Sport of Tennis Accessible to those with disabilities! As people encounter difficulties in their lives, they may feel disenfranchised and separated from the fabric of society.  Regardless of the condition, prior trauma, previous experiences or unfortunate circumstances, Adaptive Tennis US seeks to use the game of tennis as a means of reintegration and to create a connection for existence. We are a non profit company that provides professional tennis coaching and training to enable those individuals who have a perceived situational difference to discover a pathway to their identity.

Karl Lee
Adaptive Tennis US, Founder